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  • Beauty Application Appreciation

    Allure The Beauty Expert is always a great site to peruse for stellar beauty advice, information and trends; however, today I found it extra intriguing because I stumbled upon a great page that was called 8 New Beauty Apps You Need to Download Now . It shares their favorite beauty phone apps for everything...
    Posted to Beauty Research (Weblog) by Karen on 09-01-2015
  • Top 5 Tips for Ordering Cosmetics Online

    What's better than finding a great beauty buy? Snagging one when you're wearing your pajamas! No, I'm not condoning heading out to shop in your PJs. I'm talking about doing your cosmetics shopping online. Did that thought make you a little nervous? You're not alone. A lot of women...
    Posted to Beauty Research (Weblog) by Karen on 07-08-2015
  • Too Cute!

    Typically when I tell you all about a website it’s because I’m excited about sharing a particular article that one of the many beauty and fashion blogs I peruse have posted. It’s usually something spectacular I just can’t wait to share with all of you guys. However, today I’m going to share a particular...
    Posted to Beauty Research (Weblog) by Karen on 07-07-2015
  • A Little Byrdie Told Me

    Are you a fan of beauty blogs? If you love all things beauty, such as, products, websites, magazines, photos, makeup, skin care and much more then you’re going to love what I’m sharing with you today. We all know I love beauty products, magazines, skin and body care, fashion and more and it’s obvious...
    Posted to Beauty Research (Weblog) by Karen on 06-30-2015
  • Middle Age Makeover - Top 5 Looks for Women Over 40

    Monica Bellucci. Naomi Watts. Gwyneth Paltrow. Sandra Bullock. Helen Mirren. The list of women over the age of 40 who are completely stunning, youthful and sexy could go on and on and on. I've talked to so many women over 40 who are thinking about plastic surgery, Botox and other clinical interventions...
    Posted to Beauty Research (Weblog) by Karen on 06-24-2015
  • Products of Precious Oil

    My friends always act like I’m crazy because I love facial oil. I definitely have dry skin so I can understand how one would be nervous if they had oily skin…worrying that they would then end up just being that much oilier or greasy. But it doesn’t really work that way…but try telling that to the girl...
    Posted to Beauty Research (Weblog) by Karen on 04-21-2015
  • Designer Colors for Face and Home

    It seems that those of us who love beauty and beauty products also love beautiful design and homes…including gorgeous gardens and lovely outdoor living spaces. That’s why I often find myself perusing Pottery Barn’s Design Center (found within their website). You’d be amazed at how often the colors in...
    Posted to Beauty Research (Weblog) by Karen on 04-07-2015
  • Gorgeous Hunk meets Urban Fashion

    The Urban Gentleman is an incredible website for men; or anyone who appreciates an upscale magazine that’s chockfull of gorgeous photographs, stunning style, hot models, and so much more. If you’re wondering what’s new or trending in fashion, or you just want a little help with some stellar ideas, theurbangent...
    Posted to Beauty Research (Weblog) by Karen on 03-31-2015
  • The Self-Actualized, Very Organized Woman with the Pretty Smile (sans the 15 rows of teeth!)

    Lori Greiner may be one perfectly organized and clever little Shark—but would she ever actually attempt swimming in my closet? Because that unorganized tiny little room of mine for clothes and shoes just may be the freakin’ proverbial Bermuda Triangle—and I’m worried we’d never even get her back out...
    Posted to Beauty Research (Weblog) by Karen on 03-03-2015
  • Oh What-A-Night-of Glam

    Did you watch the Oscars? If not for the actual ceremony…but for the fashion on the red carpet? That’s always been one of my favorite parts of the show. I get my drinks and appetizers all set up and call it my coveted “me time!”… and I even start watching the pre-shows around 3pm. It gives me a good...
    Posted to Beauty Research (Weblog) by Karen on 02-24-2015
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