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  • Top 10 Mother's Day Gifts 2016

    Mother's Day is May 8! Are you guys ready for it? If not, don't panic. You still have time to get Mom the perfect gift, and if you're stumped for what to buy her for the big day, I'm here to help. Gifts of beauty and pampering are always great choices for moms who give so much throughout...
    Posted to Beauty Research (Weblog) by Karen on 05-04-2016
  • Cheeky May Day - A Palette of Spring Colors

    With blossoms budding on the trees and flowers blooming everywhere you look, spring is the season of color, and not just in nature! Spring 2016's makeup trends are extra colorful this year. Check out these bright and beautiful looks for the eyes, lips and cheeks: 1. Ravishing Red Lips Red lipstick...
    Posted to Beauty Research (Weblog) by Karen on 05-02-2016
  • April Fools Beauty Tricks - Creating the Illusion of Bigger Eyes and Lips

    Sometimes bigger really is better! If you're anything like me, you want to make your eyes pop and your lips look full and lush. You don't have to go through drastic procedures to get that look either. Just follow these tips to create the illusion of bigger eyes and lips: 1. Give Your Lashes a...
    Posted to Beauty Research (Weblog) by Karen on 04-01-2016
  • Spring Beauty Cleaning - When to Toss the Makeup

    When was the last time you had a makeup purge? Holding onto old cosmetics is never a good idea. Not only do cosmetics become harder to apply as they age, but they can also become unsanitary over time. Spring is the perfect time to get rid of those outdated cosmetics and start fresh with some new finds...
    Posted to Beauty Research (Weblog) by Karen on 03-04-2016
  • Top 10 Valentine's Day Gifts 2016

    Valentine's Day is fast approaching! Do you know what you're getting your valentine for the occasion? Have you been offering subtle hints about what you might want to receive? Gifts of beauty are always a great choice, and I've tracked down some great ones that are perfect for this romantic...
    Posted to Beauty Research (Weblog) by Karen on 02-03-2016
  • Return to the Cosmetic Classics - Best Uses of Black Eyeliner and Red Lipstick

    Trying out new makeup trends is always a lot of fun, but there is something to be said for showing off looks with cosmetic classics. Red lipstick and black eyeliner are always en vogue, and they make any woman look glamorous. Read on to discover four of my favorite ways to wear these always-in-style...
    Posted to Beauty Research (Weblog) by Karen on 11-11-2015
  • Trick or Treat - Top 5 Beauty Secrets

    Getting excited for Halloween? I know I am, and in honor of the season, I thought I'd share with you a few little tricks that I've learned over the years that help improve the appearance of the skin, hair and nails. Here are five of my top beauty secrets: 1. You can cover skin imperfections with...
    Posted to Beauty Research (Weblog) by Karen on 10-28-2015
  • Beauty Application Appreciation

    Allure The Beauty Expert is always a great site to peruse for stellar beauty advice, information and trends; however, today I found it extra intriguing because I stumbled upon a great page that was called 8 New Beauty Apps You Need to Download Now . It shares their favorite beauty phone apps for everything...
    Posted to Beauty Research (Weblog) by Karen on 09-01-2015
  • Top 5 Tips for Ordering Cosmetics Online

    What's better than finding a great beauty buy? Snagging one when you're wearing your pajamas! No, I'm not condoning heading out to shop in your PJs. I'm talking about doing your cosmetics shopping online. Did that thought make you a little nervous? You're not alone. A lot of women...
    Posted to Beauty Research (Weblog) by Karen on 07-08-2015
  • Too Cute!

    Typically when I tell you all about a website it’s because I’m excited about sharing a particular article that one of the many beauty and fashion blogs I peruse have posted. It’s usually something spectacular I just can’t wait to share with all of you guys. However, today I’m going to share a particular...
    Posted to Beauty Research (Weblog) by Karen on 07-07-2015
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