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Black African Soap - A Multi-Tasking Traditional Remedy
When you think about the color of clean, snowy white likely comes to mind, but when it comes to soaps, black is the new white! Where once it was only a favorite of green beauty aficionados, Black African soap is gaining steam as a mainstream skin care...
Cultivate Your Injectibles with Vivite System
Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about ways to get the most out of professional injectibles, laser, and other cosmetic procedures and surgery. Then all of a sudden out of the blue I started reading some of my new dermatology and aesthetic magazines that...
Beauty Research Reviews Vivite and Vibrance Therapy
The most sought after skin care products on the market seem to be those used to treat hyper-pigmentation; and the most highly reviewed and sought after brand seems to be Vivite , the skincare brand offered from Allergan Pharmaceuticals. Therefore, it...
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