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An Antidepressant I Can Wrap My Mind Around
Do you know what nootropics are? I didn’t either until I heard an upcoming television preview of a Dr. Oz episode in which the doctor discusses “Smart drugs.” So I googled the term and the first term that came up on the search engine was a Wikipedia link...
Are you SAD?
Read about the value of light in the Dec. 21, 2012 posting ( Seasonal affective disorder: bring on the light ) of the Harvard Health Blog . The article reviews Seasonal Affective Disorder and how light can brighten up your day and your mood!
De-Stress and Get Gorgeous!
Years ago not long after nursing school I worked in a large cosmetic surgeon’s office. One of my duties as a new nurse there was to keep the bins of pharmaceutical samples all organized and up to date (making sure there were none that were expired, etc...
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