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Extra!Extra! Read All About It…$100 Savings on LightStim
During a night of insomnia I decided to do make myself useful by doing some research instead of just lying there worrying about the sleep I was losing out on and trying desperately to figure out ways to make myself go back to sleep…because the latter...
Don’t Like Needles? The Anti-Aging Alternative For You!
Injectable fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane and Radiesse are medical office procedures which are used to plump up deep facial lines, folds and creases creating a fuller much more youthful skin and face. The former two are made up of hyaluronic acid...
I just stumbled into some great lighting thanks to LightStim!
I've seen the proverbial anti-aging light! I love LightStim ! The company has been around for 9 plus years and has been successfully selling its LED devices to doctors, skincare practitioners and consumers which are FDA cleared and scientifically...
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