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Whiter Teeth with a Child's Toothbrush!
When a tooth whitenening gel directs use via a cotton swab I've found it much easier to use a child's size toothbrush (obviously very gently). It makes for extra precise application of product. Additionally I've found I can more easily get...
Toothbrushes? Is there really a difference? Supersmile 45 Ergonomic is The Best!
Forever I’ve skimped on buying a really good toothbrush. You know how a lot of people have like ultra sonic ones or the best of the best you can buy even in the market? Well, I still was too cheap to buy a really good one. I would buy good toothpaste...
Yellow Teeth Emergency! Whiter, brighter teeth in less than ten minutes!
If you’ve been reading my blog a while you’ve probably heard me mention a time or two how strange I find it that sometimes I forget to take my own beauty advice. Well it happened again yesterday when I was getting ready for a really nice night out on...
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