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Gorgeous Soft Great Smelling Skin with L’Occitane!
The only thing I can think of that could be any better than L’Occitane’s line of shea butter body creams is L’Occitane’s body creams formulated with gorgeous fragrance. Imagine the smooth velvety cream infused with delectable scents such as Vanilla, Rosebud...
More Great Detox Ideas! GliSODin Skin Nutrients Advanced Detoxification Formula!
Just the other day I wrote about a body wrap by L’Occitane that has a detoxifying effect when applied. As I was writing it I was thinking about how it would be such a successful combo with an internal detox drink. Something that would cleanse from the...
More "Grape" Ideas with L'Occitane!
In my last entry (Yummy Spa Treat with L’Occitane) I told you I was going to give you some more “grape” ideas. Well check this out. After you use the L’Occitane Grape Warming Body Wrap you should spoil yourself with L'Occitane's Grape Beauty Milk...
Yummy Spa Treat with L’Occitane!
Many skin care professionals (including yours truly) feel that detoxifying impurities from the body will clarify your skin and make it glow. There are many forms of detox (removing toxins) ranging from drinking green tea on a daily basis to a procedure...
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