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False Eyelashes: Tips for Easy Application and Removal

If you're looking for a simple way to increase your glam factor for a big event or a special date, false eyelashes are sure to do the trick. Few beauty products can transform the look of your eyes the way that a pair of faux lashes can, and you don't need to be nervous about using them. If you keep the following tips in mind, you'll find it easy to apply and remove your false lashes.
5 Tips for Foolproof Application
To get those faux lashes in place like a pro, just do the following:

1. Use your other eye beauty products, including your eye shadow and eyeliner before you put on your lashes for best results. Save your mascara for after application.
2. Before reaching for the glue, hold the eyelash strip up to your eye. Trim the lashes to the perfect length with a pair of nail scissors before getting started.
3. Use lash glue sparingly. Applying it with a toothpick or a lip brush will help to ensure that you only get a thin line.
4. Wait at least 15 seconds to give the glue time to become sticky.
5. With tweezers, drop the lashes on top of your natural lashes and then gently press them in place with a cotton swab or with the tweezers.
Tips for Quick and Easy Removal
After you've wowed with your lashes, these tips will help you remove the strips.
1. Use a make-up remover formulated especially for eye makeup removal. This is important to avoid eye irritation. If you have very sensitive skin, be sure the formula that you choose is hypoallergenic or opt for a natural makeup remover.
2. A cotton swab soaked in your makeup remover is the perfect tool for lash removal. Rub a generous coat of the makeup all along the lash line.
3. Leave the makeup remover in place for 5 minutes before trying to loosen your lashes.
4. Always begin to pull the lashes away at the outside corner of the eyes.
5. Never force or rip the eyelashes off. If they do not come off easily on the first try, apply more makeup remover and wait for 5 minutes again before trying to pull them off again.
It may take you one or two tries to perfectly master the correct technique for applying and removing your false eyelashes, so plan a dry run on a day when you have plenty of time to practice. You can find eyelash enhancing products at major beauty and skincare websites such as

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