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Top 5 Relaxing Spa Treatments

Taking time to pamper yourself can go a long way to helping you reduce stress in your daily life. Treating yourself to a spa experience is one way to do something pampering for yourself, and many spa treatments are very effective at reducing stress. Here are five of the top stress-relieving, relaxing spa treatments:
1. The Traditional Swedish Massage - While trends in spa therapies come and go, the Swedish massage remains popular in spas all around the world year after year. Part of the reason why this type of massage remains en vogue is because of its remarkable stress relieving benefits. During a Swedish massage, the massage therapist uses sliding, kneading, tapping, vibrations and cross strokes to relieve tension from the muscles, and the benefits of this form of massage have been widely studied. In one study at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, adults who received 45-minute Swedish massages were shown to have lower levels of stress hormones in their bodies.
2. The Pampering Facial - A facial can work wonders in terms of helping to enhance the effects of your beauty routine, but it can also help you to relax and unwind. The face is one area where we often carry tension. Think about how you clench your jaw and furrow your brows when you worry or feel stressed. As the esthetician massages various products against your skin, much of this tension is released; leaving you feeling relaxed while enjoying many skin care benefits.
3. The Scalp Massage and Deep Conditioning Treatment - A scalp massage will leave you feeling deeply relaxed, and the beauty benefits from this pampering spa treatment are numerous. The deep conditioner applied to your hair can help to reduce frizz and leave your hair moisturized. Massaging the scalp also enhances blood flow to the hair follicles, helping to promote healthy hair growth.
4. The Hot Stone Massage -
Hot stone massages are commonly offered at spas around the world. This type of massage offers the same benefits as a Swedish massage, but the treatment also involves placing warmed stones on key points of the body. Many of these points are acupressure points, which alleviate tension when massaged. The addition of the heat relaxes the muscles and can help to reduce inflammation and stiffness.
5. The Pedicure and Foot Massage - If you're frequently on your feet, getting a professional foot massage is a truly relaxing experience. When a pedicure is performed as a part of the treatment, you'll leave the spa with pretty toes and feel more confident about your appearance. Foot massages and pedicures are great choices for ladies who are shy about taking off their clothes at the spa, as these treatments can typically be done fully clothed.
Many of these spa treatments can also be performed at home with the right bath and body products, so that you can recreate that relaxing experience in between spa treatments. Spa quality home treatments can be found at major beauty and skin care websites such as

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