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Fragrance Galore – Floral, Musk, Citrus and More

 If you find that you feel better when you smell good, it's not in your head. A number of studies have verified that the scents we surround ourselves with greatly affect our moods and can contribute to our overall well-being. Just as there are many different skin tones and types, there are a wide variety of fragrance personalities. What smells beautiful to one woman may not appeal to another, making it important that you consider your own scent style when selecting a signature fragrance. It's also important that you look beyond standard perfume and consider a wide array of fragrance products that can suit your lifestyle.

Here is a quick profile of four of the most common fragrance personalities:

- The Sweetheart likes scents that are soothing, yet light. Fragrances that smell like favorite treats are often popular with Sweethearts, and there are many options for capturing this type of scent. The Vanilla and Bergamot collection from Bliss features a light and lovely fragrance that is perfect for ladies with a scent sweet tooth. Try the body scrub, which will treat your senses to the fragrance while removing dead skin from head to toe.

- The Earth Angel likes scents that make her think of the beauty of nature, and she often shies away from perfumes. For an Earth Angel, a product that is easy to apply with an earthy, herbal scent is often best. The Eight Hour Intensive Moisturizing Hand Treatment from Elizabeth Arden is a great choice because it can be applied throughout the day to calm and soothe hands that may be raw from gardening, sun exposure or getting outdoors in dry winter weather. If you're an Earth Angel, you'll love its herbal scent and the way it softens and conditions your hands.

- The Flower Child loves romantic, feminine fragrances and is fond of spritzing on traditional perfume. With its floral musk scent, Elizabeth Arden Pretty Eau de Parfum Spray is sure to please any Flower Child and will have you feeling beautiful with each spray. The scent features base notes of musk, jacaranda wood and amber and mid notes of star jasmine, pink iris and peony. To finish, there are top notes of Italian mandarin orpur, orange blossom and peach nectar.

- The Energetic Lady enjoys scents that are invigorating and refreshing and often prefers a minimalistic beauty routine. From tomboys to athletes, Energetic Ladies are best served with scented products that have practical purposes. Lather in the shower or tub with Bliss Lemon and Sage Body Bar, and you'll be energized by its citrus and herb scent without having to add another step to your bathing or beauty ritual.

Once you have determined what scent type you are, you'll be ready to start searching for the perfect fragrance solutions. The products that I've mentioned are some of my favorites, but there are countless other options out there for every fragrance type. Start your research now and find the women's fragrance that is perfect for you. Fragrant brands like Elizabeth Arden and Bliss can be found at many beauty websites such as,,, and

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