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Makeover Madness - Head to Toe Transformation

 The arrival of July means that the year is half over, so it's a great time to stop and take stock of how you're progressing toward your beauty goals. If you find that you're falling short on achieving what you hoped in terms of improving your appearance this year, you can take steps now to make over your trouble zones with some at-home treatments, devices and exercises.

- Hair: If the first half of the year has left your hair showing signs of damage, it's time to get your locks back into shape. Start by using a good quality leave-in conditioner on a daily basis to restore moisture to your locks. Give yourself a pampering hair mask or deep conditioning treatment that is rich in proteins and emollients to speed up results.

- Face: Depending on the needs of your complexion, now may be time to consider taking your daily regimen to the next level by investing in an at-home beauty tool. Light therapy and microcurrent stimulation can help to minimize the appearance of signs of aging, while oily skin woes and acne can be addressed through the use of professional cleansing systems. To give your skin an immediate makeover, try a BB cream, which reflects light to hide imperfections while treating the tissue to beneficial ingredients to even tone, replenish moisture and firm the tissue.

- Décolletage: Still sagging along the neckline, jaw and or bust? Firm things up by adding a décolletage firming cream, lotion or serum to your regimen. Devices like red light machines and microcurrent stimulators can also offer big benefits in terms of skin firmness in these common trouble zones.

- Arms: If you're battling arm flab, you can get great results just by working out with hand weights at home. You'll be surprised how much tone and definition you can achieve with just two daily sets of 10 to 20 reps of bicep curls, tricep curls, presses and rows. Start with 2 to 5 pounds weights and gradually increase both the weight and number of repetitions to continue seeing results going forward.

- Hands: Hands still rough and dry from winter weather? It's time to pamper them! Start applying a high quality hand cream on a daily basis to hydrate the tissue and restore the natural moisture barrier. And don't forget about your nails! Rub the lotion all the way to your fingertips, as your fingernails require regular hydration as well.

- Body: Just because bathing suit season is in full swing, doesn't mean you should stop waging war against flab and cellulite. You can fight back against orange peel skin with at-home cellulite creams and massage tools. Traditional moves like crunches and oblique twists can also help you to flatten your tummy and lose inches in the process.

- Legs: You don't have to stop applying your cellulite treatment at the waistline; your thighs may also benefit from the smoothing effects of products that address orange peel skin. Leg lifts are a great way to add tone to the inner and outer thighs and will give you the confidence to go for a higher hemline come fall. If you’re tired of waxing, shaving or slathering on the depilatories, consider investing in a laser hair removal system, which can lead to permanent hair loss and smooth, silky skin.

- Feet: Don't neglect your pigs when you're in makeover mode! If dryness is a problem, start applying a rich foot cream every night and then wear socks to bed to help the formula absorb. Got calluses and rough skin? Try using a glycolic acid cream to remove dead skin or invest in a file to slough off old cells. Keep your toes looking lovely with a pretty pedi and be on the lookout for symptoms of fungus like yellowing, thickening and brittleness. At the first signs of trouble, start using a topical treatment to destroy microbes and get your nails in healthy condition once again.

Make July makeover month and get serious about reaching your beauty goals. In just a few weeks, you can make a big difference in your appearance, and if you continue to focus on your beauty concerns going forward, you'll see great results when 2013 reaches its close.

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