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Boho Chic – Tips for a Cool-vibe Hippie Look

Part retro, part modern, Boho Chic is one of the most fashionable looks for this spring and summer and draws inspiration from the hippie fashions of the 60s and the Bohemian styles of today. Relaxed, yet stylish, Boho Chic is a great style for the season, as the look is all about being comfortable while still feeling feminine and pretty. If you want to go Boho all summer long, you don't have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. Just follow these tips to get the look of the moment:

- Maxi-mize your style. With its simple lines, the classic tank or strapless maxi dress is a Boho staple. Look for one with a retro floral design or one inspired by the patterns found on fabrics produced in Asian countries like India or Thailand.

- Stitch things up. A hand-embroidered blouse makes a chic, retro statement. Look for one in a light cotton or gauze that is perfect for pulling on over a tank when hot summer days turn to cooler nights.

- Bead it. The beaded look is Boho in a big way, and you'll find a wide array of beaded accessories in the collections of top designers this season. Try a large beaded statement necklace, dangling gypsy earrings or sandals with beaded accents. Feathers and fringe are also popular details for Boho accessories.

- Loosen your locks. With Boho being all the rage, it's time to let your hair down. Hippie chic hair is meant to look a little mussed. Think loose braids and twists that are slightly askew.

- Make waves. It's okay to let your hair down this season, too. Soft wavy hair is all the rage in the Boho scene. If you're not endowed with natural waves, trade your flat iron for your curling iron for the summer, or braid wet hair and let it dry naturally. When you remove the braid, you'll have perfect waves waiting.

- Keep things fresh. Boho makeup looks are all about looking fresh-faced, yet sexy. Barely-there shadow paired with dark liner is a great look for the eyes. Try a foundation with a luminous finish or use a dewy blush to get the look for your face and try a lip stain or tinted gloss for a picture perfect pucker.

Remember that you don't need to go Boho from head to toe. It's fine to pair a Boho dress with your favorite pair of shoes and a stylish necklace or to give your favorite black dress a Boho makeover with your accessories. With some creativity, you can create many different looks using a few new Boho pieces and what you already have in your wardrobe.

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