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The Secret Ingredient That Makes These Products Exceptional

The best thing about having banked so many years in the beauty industry is the banked amount of product knowledge I’ve deposited in my brain.

Product knowledge is key for anyone who writes about beauty and skin care products, but even more importantly for simply knowing what products work and why they do…especially for choosing products that will work for ourselves as well. And one of the most integral parts of product knowledge in terms of product choice is knowing and understanding ingredients and their benefits and properties.
Ingredients are the backbone of product efficacy and are highly indicative as to whether or not the product will be results-oriented for your needs and for your specific indications.

One of the best kept secrets in ingredients is Arnica. The potent ingredient is still somewhat of a sleeper within the beauty industry. Oftentimes, product descriptions don’t even mention containing arnica but when you look at the ingredients list…you may likely see it in there.

Arnica (and its extracts) has been used for many medicinal purposes for hundreds of years, however in present time and when used in skin care, it’s typically used for bruises, wound healing and broken capillaries. When searching for skin care products in which healing properties for bruising or a need for increased circulation to the skin is desired, I most always look for arnica to be one of the product’s main ingredients.

Here are three of my favorite arnica infused products with a description as to why I use them and why I consider them my secret weapons:

Astara Botanical Eye Treatment
This soothing Astara Skin Care eye gel is stellar for hydrating and soothing the skin around the eye and for reducing puffiness and dark circles. I use it after shaping my eyebrows to reduce bruising and inflammation.

L’Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream

This popular Loccitane foot cream is not only used to treat dry skin and provide for a lovelier pair of tootsies in a cute new pair of sandals, but is also the ideal preparation for soothing tired, aching feet! And yes…that would be thanks to Arnica!

Murad Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel
This lightweight and effective murad acne complex gel is the ultimate in treating acne break outs and the residual inflammatory effects left behind. The Murad Skin Care product description suggests that the licorice, chamomile and aloe vera are the product’s soothing factors…which of course is certainly valid…however, I maintain it’s mostly due to one of the product’s ingredients that garners one of the highest places on its ingredients list…which is of course none other than Arnica!

Arnica…is certainly a beauty secret that deserves to be shared!


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