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A Green Apple a Day Keeps Aging Skin Away

A Green Apple a Day Keeps Aging Skin Away

Juice Beauty Green Apple is all the skin care the wicked witch needed to be the fairest one of all!

Juice Beauty’s Green Apple Products is one of the best lines in terms of results and customer satisfaction. The precious green apple line is highly effective for repairing, rejuvenating, and restoring the skin. It’s noted for its ability of bringing out a glowing radiant complexion of the face as well as a more youthful and firm skin and tone of the body. The potent powerful boosters and ingredients within the collection (as well as the whole Juice Beauty brand) are not only extremely effective and results-oriented but are also considered natural (containing no parabens, pesticides and other synthetic fillers) and contain 95% organic content.
The Juice Beauty product I wanted to tell you about today is one that I’m particularly impressed with after only just recently discovering it. I’ve always loved Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel and wouldn’t be without it in my skin care stock of must-haves…but now I’ve got myself a new Juice Beauty treasure.

Juice Beauty Green Apple Extra Firming Body Moisturizer
is a stellar hydrating complex that replenishes nourishes and firms up my skin from head to toe!! The super ingredients exfoliate the skin of my body, greatly improve tone and texture, lifts and tightens my thighs so I can now where shorter dresses and not look as though the skin of my thighs is loose.  Additionally, it smells lovely, absorbs quickly and isn’t greasy.

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