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Z is for Beauty! The Z Series Part one...The Brands!

It’s time to catch some Z’s and I’m not talking about sleep. Although these Z’s will indeed make you glow and look abundantly rested!

Today I share with you my four favorite brands that all happen to start with the letter Z. All are top notch, highly rated, results-oriented brands.

Z. Bigatti

Z. Bigatti products are probably the most luxurious and upscale creams, lotions and potions on the market and have been for years. Pricey, yet worth every penny if you want to end up with youthful, beautiful skin quickly!


This brilliant zit-zapping brand has a new kid on the block called Zeno Heat Treat Kit. But even the original Zeno units are effective in clearing away acne quickly and scientifically. And they are all affordable. Just $39.99!


No worries men…I haven’t forgotten about you. Check out your big Z brand. Zirh products offer everything you’ll need for healthy, younger and flawless skin. From shaving to moisturizing they’ll have you covered. It’s a top quality brand with your needs and specifications in mind. It’s easy to use and it doesn’t look, feel or smell like your wife’s beauty products.

ZO Skin Health

ZO Skin Health is one of my very favorite brands on the market. It was developed by well-known dermatologist Dr. Obagi who also developed the famed Obagi line. ZO Skin Health products seem much more anti-aging to me than the original line. For me the original line was more for problematic skin where as this line works just as aggressively but is a good fit for those who just want their skin to look younger.

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