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For Jowls and Droopy Eyelids…Try Sothys and Bremenn Labs and be pleasantly pleased!

I don’t know about you guys but I think my foremost dreaded and worst skin aging issues are my jowls and my sagging eyelids. Injectible fillers and Botox work, but unfortunately I don’t like those options for a number of reasons. However, the good news for those of us who don’t opt for the cosmetic surgeon’s approach is that we do in indeed have options! Here are my tried and true solutions that I don’t know what I’d do without. Simply put…they work…and they work well! For sagging facial skin: Sothys Total Cohesion Anti-Sagging Satin Cream This satiny concoction dramatically restores the skin’s elasticity by reinforcing the dermal structure. It restructures cells, increases volume and strengthens the fragile skin. It’s also a great product for those of you who have combination skin as it’s indicated for normal to combination skin. That is hard to find in many anti-aging products. For Droopy Upper Eyelids: Bremenn Research Labs Upper Eyelid Lifter There aren’t many products on the market that help to brighten and restore a youthful appearance around your eyes. However, this wonderful product does just that. The manufacturer is the first to admit it’s not quite a surgical “eye-lift”…but that is indeed pretty darn good. And I wholeheartedly concur!


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