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Get Your Skin's Daily Dose of Vitamin C with Cellex C, Jan Marini and Obagi!

I’m always writing about some newfangled, “cutting edge science” type ingredient which is good and valid because there are indeed many new ingredients out there that are absolutely amazing. But today I was thinking about my all time favorite skin care ingredient and how this one amazing ingredient completely changed and improved my skin. And that was some 12 years ago…and it still continues to be one of my all time favorites.

Vitamin C serums are in my opinion one of the most tried and true skincare ingredients ever discovered. Well, that is, after they were able to get the delivery system to cooperate. At one time the molecule was just too large to penetrate the skin so the serum simply stayed on top. However, my first discovery of an effective vitamin C was that of Cellux-C. Cellex-C products changed my skin and also changed many other’s as well. Reason being they figured out the delivery issue and that opened up a whole new world of skin care and many other brands followed suit.

Today I thought I’d share with you my all time favorite vitamin C products from a few of the most professional skin care lines on the market.

First from the granddaddy of them all as I mentioned above:

For sensitive skin:
Cellex-C Serum C for Sensitive Skin

For oily skin:
Jan Marini C ESTA Serum Oil Control

For normal to dry skin:
Obagi Professional C Serum

Gotta get your daily dose of C…even if it’s topically!


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