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Perfect Gifts for Men

It’s not that easy buying gifts for a man. What you think he wants or needs might not be in line with reality. I must say, for romantic occasions like Valentine’s Day, I like to stay away from the practical gifts like tools and gift certificates.


Fragrance is the first thing that usually pops into my head and I have been impressed with Kenneth Cole Black. It’s a very dark and mysterious fragrance that’s quite unique. There’s also a Kenneth Cole Black Gift Set that contains the signature Kenneth Cole Black fragrance, a shaving gel and deodorant. It makes for a very cool packaged gift!


I realize that traditional fragrances might not suit your man. Perhaps he’s very sporty and active and the whole cologne idea doesn’t really go over well? That’s where Molton Brown comes in. Fragrances are incorporated into more practical products like Molton Brown Active Cassia Body Wash and Scrub and Molton Brown Cassia Energy Sport Body Spray. The scents of these two products come from essential oils and natural extracts so the results are more subtle. Your man won’t even think he’s using any kind of fragrance. It’s definitely a good fit for an active lifestyle.


The next thing that comes to my mind is grooming. For some men, it’s a chore. Others enjoy the art of pampering themselves. If you’re going to give grooming products as gifts, make sure they come from a premium specialty brand like Art of Shaving. The shaving creams are really superior, treating the skin gently and resulting in a fabulous shave. The Art of Shaving Cream Sandalwood and The Art of Shaving Cream Lavender are both scented with only essential oils.


I could go on and on about great gifts for men but this is a good start. I think most men can appreciate luxurious personal care products from their ladies.

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