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Valentine Tailgate Party for the Girls

Getting excited about Valentine’s Day? Whether you’re single or attached you can make the holiday fun regardless of your plans.

Just as the guys start tailgating for the big game we can do the same with our pre- Valentine’s Day event. Invite over your best girlfriends for a Godiva Chocolate Martini and Cosmopolitan “just the girls” pre-Valentine’s Day party. Make it a day of beauty make-overs and get ready for the big date all while having a fabulous time with your best friends.

This is a perfect time to do the Silk’n SensEpil party. That’s the new at-home light based hair removal unit. It’s fun to do with your friends but more importantly it’s the economical way. Professional laser hair removal treatments are crazy expensive and also take precious time out of your day. So why not use the clinically tried and FDA cleared Silk’n SensEpil Hair Removal Device at your convenience and in your own home. And even more of a kick is to make an evening of it by including your best friends.

The Silk'n unit itself has a high end price tag but when shared among friends it’s completely affordable. Each friend purchases their own cartridge but you all share the unit. It’s the greatest idea even if you don’t make a party out of it. Keep in mind that the system works best on light skinned people with dark hair due to the fact that the laser seeks out dark pigment. If you and your friends have dark complexions there are plenty of other great ideas for Valentine’s Day Tailgate Parties that don’t include laser hair removal.

To make the most of your Valentine’s Day Tailgate Party why not even make it more fun and therapeutic by hiring a massage therapist who brings along a massage chair and gives each of your guests a 15 minute neck massage or by adding different treatments such as giving one another facial treatment masks? Offer your guests a choice between a deep cleansing and exfoliating mask or a nourishing hydrating mask. For the former go with Astara Green Papaya Nutrient Mask and the latter Perricone MD Hydrating Nutrient Mask. Both are exceptional products and both are indicated for all skin types including sensitive.

I’ve already had my SilkN SensEpil party (which by the way was a huge success…and the few girlfriends and I who shared the cost of the unit couldn’t be happier with our results). We are so crazy about our sexy, silky legs and are going to love sporting our legs (in a dress) on our actual Valentine’s Day celebrations. Some of us are single and others are attached but either way we love to feel good about ourselves and being beautiful only potentiates that good feeling.

So I’ve decided to add libations and even more beauty fun! Martinis and Make-up! Now that’s a great combo! Obviously, if you’re doing treatments and you’re going to add alcohol serve the drinks afterwards and be sure there are no contraindications with alcohol and whatever the treatment is. Many salons offer wine during a pedicure just to give you an idea of how it can fit in at certain times. If an alcoholic beverage isn’t an option perhaps make hot cocoa. Go to a discount store and purchase cute pink and red mugs and fill up those cups with the yummy hot beverage and top with sexy whipped cream or miniature marshmallows.

For my girl’s night party I’ve purchased some great party favors for everyone (each under 15 bucks!) and one great prize for a lucky winner of a “love” themed game. I’ve chose the memory game. Think of the classic baby shower game where the hostess brings out a tray that you get to take a look at for a minute or so with assorted baby items such as a baby bottle, pacifier, diaper, etc. but switch it out with champagne, massage oil, a card with a dinner reservation, a rose, and any other item that reminds you of romance. My lucky guest (who wins) gets a Philosophy Falling in Love Fragrance paired up with Philosophy products phenomenal lip treatment called Kiss Me Tonight. How cute and apropos is that?!?

The party favors I’ve chosen to give each guest in attendance are also great little gifts! Your friends are going to love getting these little gems. Additionally, they look adorable adorned with pink and red ribbons tied around them. I’m going to share with you more ideas than I can actually afford to give to my friends but wanted to give you plenty of ideas and options. I’ve chosen two of them because that is what makes sense for my budget.

Illuminaire Fast Application Sponge (so cute in leopard print and works amazingly well!)

Korres Lip Butter Pomegranate (Wait till you see how soft and kissable your lips will be after even one use! The lip butter also comes in many other colors but I thought this was the best match for a Valentine’s Day theme)

SpaRitual Nail Lacquer (I like Strike a Pose! But again it is available in many other colors)

Colorescience Genie Eye Colore in Flower Power (very cute gift…wait till you see it!)

Tweezerman Pocket Curler with Leather Case (I love this eyelash curler!)

Now doesn’t that sound like good “ladies-only” fun? Here are the two martini recipes I use for the Chocolate Martini and the Cosmo! Pink and brown in adorable martini glasses. You might even give them their glass as a party favor to take with them at night’s end. I’ve seen the cutest martini glasses with hearts on them for the perfect holiday themed touch!

My favorite Cosmo recipe:

Ice Cubes for shaker
1&1/2 ozs Lemon Vodka
1 oz Cointreau
1 oz cranberry juice
2 tsps freshly squeezed lime juice
Long thin piece orange zest for garnish

Darlene’s famous chocolate martini:

Apply Kahlua to rim of glass then turn rim of glass in grated Godiva chocolate
Place one small chunk Godiva chocolate in the bottom of the martini glass

3 ozs vodka
1&1/2 oz Godiva Chocolate Liqueur

Shake and pour into prepared glass.

Now for those of you who just want to know what to get your man for Valentine’s Day. Well I’m going to share a great secret with you. Men love eye creams! I’m serious! If you’re close enough to feel comfortable with this gift…you have got to do it! I swear…they’re going to love it! They love a good product that reduces puffiness, dark circles and they too love to erase fine lines and wrinkles. Here are some eye products that men love. If you’re still ambivalent (about the eye product) then check out the great Aramis Classic Bath Soap gift set. It’s a perfect gift when your relationship is still on the newer side and/or you need to purchase an inexpensive but very nice gift.

aMENity ICream

M Lab Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Euoko R31 Eye Contour Brightening Gel

Sothys Homme De Stressing Eye Care

I wish you all a very happy Valentine’s Day indeed! You’re going to look and feel beautiful! And by the way…I just edited my article and realized while reading it…I’m having a girl’s day on SuperBowl Sunday as well!!! Don’t get me wrong…I like football and do enjoy the SuperBowl but nothing beats my girlfriends plus more martinis and more make-overs! Now that makes for a very merry occasion. Here’s to tailgatin’ beauty!



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