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Once You Go Jack Black…The Chick Will Come Back!

Hey Guys…You want to sport a gorgeous, clean, smooth, fresh and cool bod? Have I got the scoop for you!

I’ve never considered specialized, high-end or spa-like body gels and lotions all that imperative for men to use. I mean I love a great smelling, well groomed man but I’ve always considered regular old fashioned products such as Irish Spring soap and Mitchum Deodorant completely acceptable. After all we’re the ones who want soft silky skin. They don’t need that, they’re men! Or so I thought…

That is until I got my hands (figure of speech…of course!;-)) on a man who used Jack Black Clean and Cool Body products. This man smelled incredible and he had no additional fragrance on. He said he simply uses the products in a gift kit he received for his birthday called Jack Black Clean and Cool Body Basics. I searched for it on the web and found out the products in the kit are full sized (as opposed to tiny little travel sizes that most kits offer) and also a better value than buying the items separately! As much as I’d like to buy the kit for a man…I’d prefer to get the man who’s already using it!

The kit includes:

• All Over Wash  An amazing and freshly scented cleanser for face, body and hair!
• Cool Moisture Body Lotion  Very large pump bottle of pure moisturizing bliss. Extremely light and non-greasy. Smells so clean!
• Industrial Strength Hand Healer  The name says it all!
• Pit Boss Antiperspirant Deodorant  Superior protection and incredible customer reviews!

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