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CoverBlend Anti-Aging Finishing Powder is Incredible!!!

I’ve always thought of CoverBlend cosmetics as being “corrective makeup.” Meaning only used to camouflage scars, blemishes and post treatment redness, etc. But as I was unpacking my boxes from my recent move I stumbled across CoverBlend Anti-Aging Finishing Powder that I happened to have from a long time ago. I had never used it but someone or some company or doctor’s office must have given it to me along the way. Right away I realized that I was low on foundation and I loved the color of the one I had found, which was Sand by the way so I thought to myself  “tomorrow morning I’m going to try it!”

Along with thinking CoverBlend by Exuviance was a corrective cosmetic I also remembered that it was developed by NeoStrata and when it comes to the marriage of science and beauty, NeoStrata is the grand-daddy of them all. So that just further convinced me to try it. Plus right in the name it has the word “anti-aging” and of course I immediately resonated with that!

CoverBlend products are formulated with NeoStrata’s unique anti-aging benefits of polyhydroxy acids along with great hydration and antioxidant properties. Even better, it may be used by those with sensitive skin.

So here we go. I tried it and I loved it! I have never had such a beautiful translucent coverage. My pores disappeared and my skin had a flawless finish. I’ve never loved a product so much in my life. Now keep in mind that the product I’m using is the “finishing powder,” not the Concealing Treatment SPF20 Makeup. However, the Concealing Treatment SPF20 Makeup has the most incredible list of customer reviews I’ve ever seen. So that too is probably a really great product; however, I myself have never tried it. I’ve linked it (along with the brand page and the finishing powder) so you can read all about it as well as the rave reviews.

The CoverBlend by Exuviance line of Concealing Treatment Cosmetics is formulated to conceal and correct all types of visible skin imperfections (from minor flaws to major discolorations) while providing anti-aging benefits and sunscreen protection. Having said that, they are referring to using the foundation along with the finishing powder. I use the finishing powder alone. Well, along with my bronzer and blush. I find it to be the perfect sheer foundation even though it’s actually a ‘finishing powder.’ My pores and fine lines and wrinkles look diminished and as I said my face looks luminous. Take a look for yourself and even better...try it! Then please let me know your thoughts.

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