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Yummy Spa Treat with L’Occitane!

Many skin care professionals (including yours truly) feel that detoxifying impurities from the body will clarify your skin and make it glow. There are many forms of detox (removing toxins) ranging from drinking green tea on a daily basis to a procedure known as colonics (colon cleansing by a specialized professional called a colon hydro therapist).  There are also topical treatments that stimulate the drainage of toxins to purify, producing a more clarified skin .You have got to try L’Occitane Grape Warming Body Wrap! It is the best at-home body treatment that I’ve ever tried. It is a better body wrap than the one’s I used to do professionally in the day spa. Once the product comes into contact with the skin it becomes heat activated and stimulates microcirculation removing toxins and promoting cellular metabolism. Ingredients such as Red Vine Leaf Extract, Organic Grape Juice and Grape Seed Oil encourage and produce the following benefits:

• Improves tone of skin.
• Revitalizes and nourishes the skin making it look and feel beautiful.
• Softens, comforts and relaxes the skin.

L’Occitane Grape Warming Body Wrap makes your skin feel, smell and look amazing!

Look for more "Grape" ideas in my next entry.Big Smile

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