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Skincare to Keep in Your Bedside Stand. Part Two…Eyelash Conditioners!

Cool little tip: Keep your eyelash conditioner in your bedside drawer. They are usually directed to be applied at night and yet it’s the one thing that most of us forget to do. I have two I use because I have started losing eyebrow hair. And being a light blonde they’re barely visible as it is so I can’t afford not keeping them healthy. For beautiful brows I use B Kamins Eyelash Fortifier for fragile, thinning lashes and brows. And for my eyelashes I love Neova Advanced Essential Lash eyelash conditioner. It’s formulated with AHK Copper Peptide Complex and restores health and vitality to my short blonde eyelashes. And it’s recommended for all skin types, including sensitive. These products work and work well. I now enjoy having gorgeous brows and lashes, something I’ve never had before.

But they don’t work if you’re not compliant with using regularly, which is why I suggest keeping them in your bedside stand because for whatever reason I forget it when I’m doing my normal PM regimen in the bathroom. However, I usually tweeze at night in bed with a magnifying mirror (also located in the bedside stand) and I just grab the conditioner and apply.

Hasta la vista short stubby eyelashes and thinning brows. Buenos Dias, gorgeous!

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