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Never Forgo Your Topnotch Beauty Tools!

I just spent the last couple of hours looking through dozens of beauty blogs and I realized two things. One: There are some really cute blogs out there! And two: I never or very rarely write about brushes and tools. That's so crazy that I forget to share the most fundamental aspect of all beauty treatments.

You can't have a great result without a great tool. Period. Here's an example to prove my point. Picture buying a new powder blush and in the tray of that new blusher is the measly little brush the makeup company often includes. Your good brush is at home but you want to try the new color really bad so you go into the office restroom and put it on. However, once you apply it with that little included brush you realize that all it does is place a rosy colored stripe on each cheek. Then the next morning you dig out your Kabuki brush and the new powdered blush glides on perfectly with plenty of ease and control. You know what I'm talking about!!!

More examples? How about tweezers or razors that don't work? Or what about a flat iron that doesn't actually straighten your hair? The one thing that all of these issues have in common is usually we don't want to pony up the dough for the quality tools. When in reality paying extra may save you money, frustration and precious time in the long run.

So here ya go:

For beautifully applied makeup try Colorescience On The Go Brushes.

For a tweezer that actually plucks check out Tweezerman or Billion Dollar Brows.

And for beautifully straightened gorgeous shiny hair you must have a quality flat iron. The best is by Metropolis Technology.

All of these topnotch tools can be found at


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