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The Biggest Loser Phenomenon

Have you noticed more people talking about the Biggest Loser lately? It seems that everywhere I go people are chatting about the contestants and eagerly awaiting the next episode in hopes of witnessing dramatic weight loss.

There’s something really inspiring about watching overweight people lose weight naturally through diet and exercise and drastically improve their lives. With so many resorting to bariatric surgery, it’s refreshing to see that people can drop hundreds of pounds the old fashioned way. The show has certainly inspired others to do the same. In fact, my gym is currently holding a competition for members who have weight loss goals. Teams compete with each other for a grand prize just like in the Biggest Loser.

Along with all of the positives, I do have to say that there’s a negative aspect to the show. I’m not convinced that it’s a good idea to go from a couch potato to working out six hours a day. I’m also not sure it’s a good idea to be dropping 20 or more pounds in one week. I keep wondering what kind of stress that must put on the body. To make matters worse, the mind games must do a number on all of the contestants as they find themselves pitted against each other to stay in the game. I have always heard that a good support system is key in losing weight and keeping it off. The food temptations can also be down-right cruel at times.

Despite the negative aspects, I think it’s great that so many people are inspired and encouraged to get healthy and slim down. After all, this country is facing a very challenging epidemic with a population that is becoming increasingly heavy and unhealthy. Sometimes popular television can make a huge difference.

I would love to hear from all of you Biggest Loser fans. If anyone has a great inspiring story, let me know. What does anyone else think of the show?

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