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Stila...Setting the Bar!

I love when a beauty brand formulates products with ease, innovation and convenience in mind. This could be a risky business decision because it seems companies tend to manufacture their tried and true products to lessen the chance of having a product bomb out which equates to huge economic losses.
Stila brand is so great at taking risks and luckily for them (and us) they hit pay dirt dead on every time. Check out a few of the products Stila makes that you can't really find elsewhere. At least I haven't been able to at this quality level.

My favs:

Stila Hair Refresher in Jade Blossom. This little product will refresh and pick up your dingy hair with a few sprinkles and it smells delightful. The last time I saw a dry hair shampoo was as a nursing student in a hospital about 15 years ago. Only difference is Stila Hair Refresher smells great and works!

Stila Sun SPF15 is the best bang (I mean) bronzer for your buck.

Lastly my never leave home without Stila product. Stila Cherry Crush Lip and Cheek Stain. I swear it would be the one thing I would take if I were a contestant on Survivor!


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