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First Lady Fashion

I couldn’t possibly go all week without mentioning anything regarding the Presidential Inauguration. What an amazing moment in history. What’s even more amazing is how much attention Michelle Obama got regarding her attire for the daily events.

I’m not entirely surprised that all eyes are on the First Lady’s fashion. After all, she’s relatively young, stunning and quite a presence on stage. I got to thinking that she may influence fashion more than any First Lady since Jacqueline Kennedy.

The most attention probably came from that beautiful ball gown designed by Jason Wu. I had never heard of him before yesterday but apparently he’s only 26 and his career is sure off to a great start. Had anybody heard about him before yesterday? Has he designed clothing for any other celebrities recently?

It will be interesting to watch the fashion trends this year and see just how much influence Michelle Obama will have on women all around the country. I am betting there will be many more interesting ensembles to come.

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