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For Beautiful Healthy Skin Check out the Benefits of Niacin!

After feeling lousy for the last month I thought to myself, gee I wonder if the fact that my nutrition hasn’t been up to par and that I haven’t been exercising has something to do with this lack of energy?!?  After pondering this I had to laugh at myself and think “boy, my genius scares me!”

I thought, well I suppose I can research nutrition and put myself on a vitamin and mineral supplement. I also thought I’d start back on the popular new antioxidant “super-food” known as the ‘acai berry.’ A year or so ago, I was taking supplements and drinking an acai berry juice and I felt like the little “energizer bunny!” I had never felt better, never had so much energy, and my skin had never looked so good. However, the juice got expensive and I started getting tired of swallowing all the vitamins and minerals in my little daily packet. Before I knew it, I stopped doing the very things I knew were helping me.

The result from discontinuing Perricone MD supplemental nutrition? No energy, a compromised immune system resulting in physical ailments and changes in the lucidity of my skin (and mind for that matter!). After this no-brainer observation I jumped up this morning and rummaged through my medicine cabinet looking for a multi-vitamin to pop, stat.

When I got back to my computer I followed my instinct to learn as much as I could about vitamin supplementation. What I discovered was a particular vitamin that I know I’m lacking in just from the symptoms listed on vitamin informational websites. It’s one of the vitamin b’s, known as niacin or vitamin B3.

The B vitamins play a key role in promoting the health of the nervous system, skin, eyes, hair, mouth and liver. Niacin helps rid the body of toxic and harmful chemicals, improves circulation, and reduces cholesterol levels.

The University of Maryland published an article on the web stating, “An interesting area of research currently underway is the use of niacin skin care products as anti-aging agents, for treatment of acne, and, possibly, for prevention of skin cancer. Dermatologists expect that there will be information emerging about topical forms of niacin for these purposes over the next few years.”

Though the article covered a multitude of reasons for use, I still couldn’t help but take note of niacin’s use in skincare. One, because I’m in the industry and always want to keep abreast in new skin science and two, because I keep hearing rave reviews about a new skincare brand called NIA24 that uses niacin as its basis for its efficacy. The developers of the NIA24 line state, “it has been discovered that Niacin is a key factor in helping the skin protect and repair itself from sun damage and aging.”

After delving into this whole nutritional question I pondered this morning I’ve decided I’m going to add a B Complex vitamin to supplement my daily diet and I’m definitely going to check out NIA24 line because the use of niacin in promoting the health of the skin makes all the sense in the world to me.

Niacinamide is "functionally identical" to niacin but is used in many skin care products because it is less irritating to the skin. DDF brand offers many highly rated products with this form.

Take note that vitamin and mineral supplements need to be taken as directed as there can be side effects and over-dosage. Always consult with your physician when starting any nutritional supplementation.

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