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Does dairy cause acne?

I keep hearing about the link between diet and acne. For years experts have attempted to dispel the myths that greasy pizza and chocolate cause acne. I was always told that certain foods cannot trigger breakouts but somehow I had trouble believing that there was no link. I certainly think that a healthy diet does make for healthier skin.

Recently I became particularly interested in the link between dairy and acne. Many experts believe that dairy triggers acne for several reasons. One reason is that dairy in this country often comes from pregnant cows which means the milk contains high levels of hormones that can contribute to breakouts. Another reason is that the high calcium content can interfere with the absorption of zinc which is vital to clear skin. The last reason I have found is that milk causes a high insulin response in the body which can also cause acne breakouts.

This said, I have noticed more breakouts that usual in the last few months and it just so happens that I’ve been eating more dairy than usual, about four servings a day. What can I say? I love cheese! My intense workouts build a mean appetite and since I eat very little meat, I usually turn to dairy for protein. Since I’m such a guinea pig, I have decided to cut way back on my dairy intake (eliminating it entirely just isn’t realistic) to see if I can reduce my breakouts.

Has anyone tried cutting out or severely reducing diary intake to clear up acne? What did you eat as a substitute? Were you able to stick to this diet?

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