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Lotions and Potions are Great but Concealer is Fabulous!

I just discovered concealer! Seriously, I never really understood why every woman I know always has two or three concealors in their make-up drawer. I spent the night with some friends the other night because it was snowing up by my house and I didn't feel like driving in it. The next day I had no clothes or makeup other than what I had worn to their house earlier the day before. I had to put my contacts back in my eyes with her daughter's saline she bought to take care of a previously pierced belly button! My girlfriend told me I was welcome to take a shower and use any of her skincare, cosmetics, lotions and potions she had in her drawer. Along with rescuing me with the surrogate contact solution, her daughter also brought me some clean clothes to wear, and her favorite shampoo and conditioner to use as well.

After my shower I rummaged through her drawers and found the toiletries and put on the cute little Juicy Couture sweatpants outfit that her daughter had loaned me. Next I thought I'd take Melanie up on her invitation to use her makeup collection. I spied her Colorescience Minerals makeup which I had used many times and loved and knew I could mix a few colors to get the right match. I noticed the late night before brought on some nasty dark circles so when I stumbled across her concealor I thought, hmmm...perfect time to try it. It was called Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer and the name speaks volumes. I had never turned out looking that good before. And that wasn't even my own house much less my own makeup! When I got home my nephew was visiting my sister, and later she told me that he said, "Mom, I've never seen Aunt Karen look so good!" Of course he had no idea it was a simple little fix that made my skin look even toned and so porcelain like. Apparently all he noticed before were my dark circles and age spots! I also had been getting some broken capillaries around my nose and they completely vanished with this incredible product.

From now on, I'm snooping through all my friends makeup cases. It's truly "Amazing" what you might find!


Posted: Dec 29 2008, 10:10 AM by Karen | with no comments
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